Intro to the Slot Game Kluster Krystals Megaclusters

Everyone knew that it was only a matter of time until other developers showed interest in trying out Big Time Gaming’s Megaclusters system. After witnessing BTG’s success with Megaways, it’s reasonable to be curious about what Megaclusters can do for the grid slot market. You may be forgiven for supposing that further time has elapsed. Star Clusters and Cyberslot were BTG’s first two products, and they haven’t even been out for very long and they’re already getting licensing bids. Relax Gaming has released a slot machine called Kluster Krystals Megaclusters, which is ahead of the competition. From the get-go, we can assure you that this is not at all like anything else BTG has released before.

Kluster Krystals first appear to be very different from Star Clusters and Cyberslot. Instead of looking like a Flash Gordon/Star Trek mix from the 1970s, Relax’s version looks like ancient Tetris. A 5×5 glass grid rests between two stone columns on a dais in the middle of a starry night sky, with the Northern Lights twinkling behind it. It has a celestial flavor without being very memorable. The melodies, which may have been influenced by Flower Fortunes Megaways, do a great job at establishing the tone and feel of the scene. The overall look is fine, although you’d think the studio would have tried more to make an impression with Megaclusters.

Kluster Krystals has a theoretical return to player percentage of 96.49% with a betting range of 10 cents to $100 (or €100) each spin, with a house edge of 3.51%. While the game itself is generally fair, the math model may be rather harsh owing to the tremendous volatility that comes with the great potential. It appears that the number of free spins is minimal and the number of dead spins is high, giving the impression that this is a “all or nothing” slot machine. In this regard, the game is ideal for serious players.

The avalanche function is activated when a cluster of 8 or more similar symbols is formed. Creating eight symbol clusters on a 5×5 grid may seem impossible, but the game and, eventually, Megaclusters, have your back. A single symbol, a pair of symbols, a trio of symbols, or a quartet of symbols may occupy any given place on the board. Therefore, a winning cluster consists of two adjacent quads. Only five different colored gems are used for normal symbols in Kluster Krystals. Clusters of 20 of them are worth 20–50 times the initial bet, and they come in a variety of colors (green, blue, purple, pink, and orange). There is no wild on the grid, but there are plenty of exciting extras to choose from.

Features of the Slot Game Kluster Krystals Megaclusters

Kluster Krystals typically have characteristics that work in tandem with the Megaclusters mechanism. Avalanches, together with symbol upgrades, multipliers, three smaller features, and free games, make up the list.

After a winning combination is made, the avalanche function kicks in, clearing the board of clusters so that new symbols can fall into the empty spaces. Since the process continues until no new clusters develop, this might result in a string of victories from a single spin. During this process, any losing symbols in close proximity to a winning cluster will be replaced with better ones. when a result, the odds of a player racking up consecutive victories increase when a single becomes a double, a double becomes a triple, and a triple into a quad.

Multipliers are another sort of symbol that improves when they appear in winning clusters. These symbols have a basic multiplier of 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 10x and may be upgraded twice for a total of 6x. At the conclusion of an avalanche sequence, any multipliers will be applied to the final win.

Three arbitrary elements help keep the ball going. After a string of six avalanches, they will definitely go off. To wit:

Krystal Vanish – wipes off an entire collection of identical symbols of a single color.

Krystal Boost raises the quality of all currently displayed symbols by one.

Krystal Kut – wipes the screen clean of any and all one-stage symbols.

Finally, the bonus symbol grants us a number of free spins. In the presence of a winning cluster, bonus symbols in view are enhanced. When all four sections are updated, the player receives seven more spins. Free games can be extended by four rounds if the bonus symbol fills up.

The Case Against Megaclusters of Kluster Crystals

You could call a rose by any other name and it would still be a rose, as Shakespeare once remarked. Although I respect the bard, I’ve never heard him perform Kluster Krystals. One other studio’s implementation of Megaclusters is what piques our curiosity in Kluster Krystals at first. Funny thing is, you wouldn’t know you were playing a Megaclusters game if it weren’t for the name. If that were the case, both the experience and the outcome would have been different. Without a question, Kluster Krystals is a respectable and well-designed slot, but you definitely wouldn’t guess it was powered by Megaclusters if you didn’t know. It’s smart, for sure, but it also seems quite different from anything BTG has done before. The point of their Megaclusters games has been to shrink down to an infinitesimally small size, casting doubt on the notion that the Planck length is the shortest conceivable distance.

The plot of Kluster Krystals diverges. While this theoretically results in more symbols being packed into the same space, the effect is not the same as Megaclusters. The fact that Megaclusters may be more flexible than first assumed is a positive conclusion. Relax deserves praise for taking a risk by doing something different. Kluster Krystals have great potential as a game medium. When a cluster chain starts winning, it’s like a great grid slot machine: symbols increase, multipliers arrive, and the whole thing explodes. But therein lays the problem in many respects. The point of Megaclusters isn’t to create a wonderful grid slot; rather, it’s to redefine the genre and carve out its own space, and in this aspect, Kluster Krystals kind of falls short.

However, if you approach Kluster Krystals with the expectation of having a nice time at a well-crafted grid slot, you’re more than likely going to have a wonderful time. However, it might be a bit confusing if you’re looking for a novel perspective on Megaclusters.

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